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How to Live In The Present Moment

“The present moment is the only thing where there is no time. It is the point between past and future. It is always there and it is the only point we can access in time. Everything that happens, happens in the present moment. Everything that ever happened and will ever happen can only happen in the present moment. It is impossible for anything to exist outside of it.” Myrko Thum

Why is it important to live in the present moment? Not an easy thing to do. I know personally my mind is always scattered. It zigs and zags from what I am doing, to something I have to do in the future and what someone said yesterday. To me that is normal. Usually I am focused but not in the way that would be most effective.

I totally understand why it would be better to sink into the present moment and stay there.

  • It is so distracting to let my mind wander.
  • It makes me less effective.
  • It can also be very frustrating which in turn causes stress.
  • I don’t get as much done and it takes me longer to accomplish the task I am doing.
  • It causes me to make more mistakes which I then have to spend more time correcting.

I know that everyone thinks about their past and we certainly think about the future. There is no way to escape doing that and we shouldn’t.

The past shaped us and made us who we are. It is healthy to look backward at all the good things that happened to us. Sometimes it can be beneficial to look at the bad as well. What did we learn from those experiences? Use them to make you stronger and to challenge yourself, make you a better person.

We need to look at the future to plan for what we will be doing next. Make a plan, set some goals and then let it go for the moment. Don’t be overwhelmed and don’t let it stress you.

We shouldn’t spend too much time focusing on either the past or the future. Go back to the present and focus on what you are doing right now.

“…we can be present when consciously reflecting on events from the past (as opposed to being caught up, distracted and overwhelmed by the past” (2015).

Andy Puddicombe of Headspace

This is a struggle for me and I think it is for most people. I love the idea and I think it would be a totally efficient way of being. So how does anyone get to that point where they are immersed in the present and able to stay there?

Most will tell you meditation and yes, I think that is effective. When you take quiet time and let go of thoughts of past, present or future you can get to a very quiet place within yourself. It is totally calming.

I have done meditation but only on a limited basis. It is always connected with Yoga which I absolutely love. I can get totally lost in yoga and I am living in the moment. Concentrating on the movement and relaxing into it.

Writing is similar for me in some ways. I am certainly concentrating on my thoughts. I have not gotten into a true flow yet. I am working on that and I think that is what we should all be doing with our everyday activities. We can usually lose ourselves in what we love doing. Maybe that is the key to being present, loving what we are doing so we lose ourselves in doing it.

Another practice sometimes done in Yoga is either sitting or laying done and slowly thinking about each part of your body. Starting from you toes and moving upward and noticing how each feels. Relaxing your muscles and releasing any tension. You go from your toes to your head. It is very relaxing and it does help you focus on the present. You could do this at your desk, when you are taking a break or at lunch time.

Reading, we should read as much as possible. It is just a great thing to do. It makes us smarter and it is relaxing. Add it to your schedule and decide to read for a specified time each day. Read a book about learning to be in the moment.

Of course, music. That is so relaxing and you can get lost in it. I like to have it playing in the background. If you find you can’t stay in the moment of what you are doing then maybe take a break, do a body scan, take a short walk and come back but without the music. Schedule it for later.

To help you focus on the present moment I like to keep a daily list of what I am going to do each day. If you find yourself wandering around in your head, stop and refer to your list. It can center you and bring you back into the moment.

Appreciate where you are, each moment, each breath. Relax, smile.

“Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed.” Wayne Dyer

As always, thank you for reading my blog. Have a great mindful day.

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Frustration, A Powerful Tool For Change

I am so Frustrated ! I was hoping this wouldn’t happen but here I am totally awash in frustration. It is so bad. I have been dealing with it all day to the edge of Depression. I can feel myself teetering on the edge and I am trying not to fall in.

I have been really focused and pushing myself to excel. I started blogging and I became really excited when I was doing research and I discovered some great articles. They were published on a site I had never heard of before and they were all well written. I started reading random articles and in doing that I found information about writing and being published on that site.

Could I do that ? I was really hesitant but overwhelming interested. I thought about it, and thought some more, and then decided why not. I gave it a try. I submitted one article and they accepted it. However, it was only available on their site. It was not published and available for the general public to see. Bummer !

So as excited as I had been originally, after not being published I still thought, OK I can do this. I wrote another article which was accepted and it was published. I was actually paid a small amount of money. Yes ! I was totally, jump up and down, excited.

Of course, that experience made me want to jump right in and write another article. It took me awhile to decide what to write about. I chose something I thought would be interesting to a large audience. It was not an easy process and it took me forever. At least it felt like a long time. In actuality it was 4 + hours each day for 5-6 days including research.

The topic I chose was religious in nature and my own belief. The best part of the process of writing was expressing my own viewpoint and feelings. It is something I think about and sometimes talk about and it felt good to actually write all those feelings down. So it was not a problem writing that first part of the article. I actually think it was good for me to clarify those feelings.

Once I had written about my personal experiences, and why I came to my conclusion about faith, I felt I needed to add more. I did research about the history of the Bible as a backbone for the article. I did so much research and it was difficult putting it into perspective. The point was to add definition to my article and show the controversy about the accuracy of the Bible. This is turn would support my beliefs. Actually, the controversy could support anyone’s viewpoint which I noted in my writing.

When I was finished writing and submitted the article I was not 100 % satisfied with the portion about the Bible. I did feel it was sufficient to show the controversy about it’s accuracy. Looking back now I am wondering if my addition of that information was why my article was not chosen for publication.

In particular concern to me was the presentation of my research and the proper disclosure of my references. Did I do that properly ? Also a concern to me was the conciseness of my writing. Did I present my findings in such a way that the reader could clearly understand ?

I assaulted myself over and over with uncertainty. Yesterday was a difficult day for me. I went from a feeling of joy and satisfaction to one of questioning my abilities. Instead of feeling joyful I was very frustrated and mildly depressed.

So where do I go from here ? Walking outside this morning with my cat at 6 am I did not feel any better than yesterday. I was still questioning how I should proceed. Should I totally walk away from writing articles for this publication ? Should I take a break from my blog as well so I can clear my mind. Spend some much needed time in my gardens. Time needed for the gardens but also for me ? It would be so therapeutic.

Yesterday I contacted the publishing company for any insight they can give me regarding my writing. I am hoping to hear from them soon with some definitive answers. I clearly do not know why and it makes it more difficult to learn from this experience. I want to move forward and make the correct improvements. No matter what our individual level of competency there should always be the quest for improving what we do.

“Personal development is a major time-saver. The better you become, the less time it takes you to achieve your goals.” ―Brian Tracy

It is very upsetting to me to be told what I have written is not good enough. No one wants to hear that, or except it. So now what do I do ? For me there is really only one option and that is to keep trying. I want to write and I want to write for this company. Being rejected is a challenge.

I will not go quietly into the night. I will stay and fight. I will look for ways to keep improving and although I dread being rejected again I will submit more articles.

This is a frustrating little bump in my road forward. I know I have to improve and I know it will not just magically happen. I will have to work for it. So that is what I am doing; working and looking for ways to improve my writing.

I have been doing a bit of research today and found a site called Grammarly. I am trying their free version but it does not provide enough help. I think what I really need is the Premium version and that cost $29.95 per month which I cannot afford. I will continue looking for other options.

Just at the right time I read Thembi Terry’s Blog, “Three Free Online Courses That Helped Me As A Blogger”

I read her post the day before I submitted my article and saved it so I could look into those courses. Now I definitely know I will. Thank you, Thembi Terry.

Although yesterday I felt defeated, today that feeling is easing. Writing my blog is all about moving forward and improving my life. So these are the steps I will be taking.

  • Remain positive. No negativity allowed.
  • Look for ways to improve my writing skills.
  • Visualize my outcome. My very specific goal is having my articles accepted for publication.
  • Remain focused. I do not want to spend too much of my time looking for easy options. Hard work will get me the results I want.
  • Create a journal of what I am doing so I will have a record of what I accomplished and what still needs to be done.

There you have it. My frustration and what I am doing with it. Just writing this today has been a great help. I am focused and I know what I have to do.

As always, Thank You for reading my blog. Have a wonderful day !