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How Can You Add The Most Value To Your Time And To Life?

“Life is about time. Spend more time than you do money on others. Give time more than any other gift. Also, take time when you need to. Take time for you when you need it. Sometimes time is all we have with the people we love the most. I ask you to slow down in life. To take your time, but don’t waste it.”

― Emma Heatherington,

Every day when we wake up, we should say thank you and smile with happiness that we are alive. We have more time.

The most important thing we need to realize is life does not guaranteed from one breathe we take to the next, that there will be a next breathe.

Do you think about time? I would guess it is human nature to assume there will be more.

Time is the most precious thing we have. It is the most valuable, yet we waste it every day. We take it for granted.

Maybe we should ask ourselves at the end of each day how we spent our time. Did we do what we wanted to? Did we enjoy our time? Did we help someone, smile at someone, and make them feel special?

Do you have a plan? What do you want your life to mean? Is there something that you want to achieve? What is the most important?

If you did not have one more day to spend, what would you want to do today?

Spend your precious time on what is most important.

Make a plan. Every day have a detailed plan for how you will spend your time. What are your most important priorities for each day? Do those first and then fill in your time with the less essential tasks you need to complete.

When someone asks you to do something, before you commit your time, ask yourself if it will add value to your day. If the answer is no, politely decline.

Always make family time and self-care a priority in your day. Include time for exercise, reading, smiles, and hugs, and those activities that make you happy. Do not forget self-reflection at the end of each day.

When you have any free time, use it to do what is going to create a better you, a better life.

It is easy to be sucked into activities that do not benefit us. Learn to say no. It may not be easy to do, especially at first, but it is important.

Let co-workers, friends, and family know you have a specific time limit on phone calls, emails, text messages, etc. Tell them you may not be able to give them an immediate response and to expect an answer within a specific time frame.

Social media can be an easy sinkhole to get mired in. It is a time-waster. Do not get sucked into that pit. Use it only as needed and get out. Ask yourself if this is a valuable use of your time. Set a time limit and adhere to it; use a timer if necessary.

Do not waste time worrying about past events or what other people are doing or what they think. Focus on what is beneficial to you, your goals, and what is important to you.

Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back.”

Harvey Mackay

Time is priceless. We cannot buy more. Once we use it, it is gone forever. Make a plan; how are you going to spend your time? Use it wisely.

I have included a letter here written by someone who came face to face with the value of time and hoped she could help others realize the value of the gift we receive each day.

On the 4th of January, Holly Butcher, at the age of 27, lost her battle with Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that affects mostly young people.

Before she died, the Grafton woman penned a letter which she asked her family to post on her Facebook account once she was gone.

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Quote Of The Day

“I can imagine nothing more terrifying than an Eternity filled with men who were all the same. The only thing which has made life bearable…has been the diversity of creatures on the surface of the globe.”

― T.H. White, The Book of Merlyn
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Quote Of The Day

“The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.”

–William James

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Quote Of The Day

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

— Desmond Tutu
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An Intense Effort Is Required To Achieve Outstanding Results

Continuous effort– not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.   

Winston Churchill 

An Olympic Gold Medal. What name comes to mind when you think of Olympic Gold? First, I think of Michael Phelps, the most successful and most decorated Olympian of all time,[7] with a total of 28 medals. Phelps also holds the all-time records for Olympic gold medals (23),[8] Olympic gold medals in individual events (13), and Olympic medals in individual events (16)

Then, there is Simone Biles, who is a five-time World all-around champion (2013–15, 2018–19), five-time World floor exercise champion (2013–15, 2018–19), three-time World balance beam champion (2014–15, 2019), two-time World vault champion (2018–19), a six-time United States national all-around champion (2013–16, 2018–19), and a member of the gold-medal-winning American teams at the 201420152018, and 2019 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. Additionally, she is a three-time World silver medalist (2013 and 2014 on vault, 2018 on uneven bars) and a three-time World bronze medalist (2015 on vault, 2013 and 2018 on balance beam). Having won a combined total of thirty Olympic and World Championship medals, Biles is the most decorated American gymnast and the third most decorated gymnast of all time

They are just two examples of someone willing to put forth an extreme effort to achieve outstanding results.

Think of the dedication, determination, strength of will that they used to achieve their goals—quite an achievement.

You could also think of someone who is a successful business person, such as Elon Musk, who is the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, among many other endeavors.

Also, Steve Jobs who was an American business magnate, entrepreneur, industrial designer, investor, and media proprietor. He was the chairman, chief executive officer (CEO), and co-founder of Apple Inc., the chairman and majority shareholder of Pixar, a member of The Walt Disney Company‘s board of directors following its acquisition of Pixar, and the founder, chairman, and CEO of NeXT. Jobs is widely recognized as a pioneer of the personal computer revolution of the 1970s and 1980s, along with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Were they intelligent? Yes, but there is much more to the story of their success. Did they put in an extreme amount of effort? Absolutely! Without the dedication, determination, and strength of their will to succeed, they would not have been successful.

So what about us? Most people will never be able to match themselves to Phelps, Biles, Musk, or Jobs. They are exceptional, and they worked for every bit of their success. Their effort was extraordinary.

We can be more successful. We need to be willing to put in the effort. It is the amount of effort put in that makes the difference.

Seth Godin puts it all into perspective;  “People really want to believe effort is a myth…. I think we’ve been tricked by the veneer of lucky people on the top of the heap. We see the folks who manage to skate by or who get so much more than we think they deserve, and it’s easy to forget that these guys are the exceptions…. For everyone else, effort is directly related to success….and that’s the key to the paradox of effort: While luck may be more appealing than effort, you don’t get to choose luck. Effort, on the other hand, is totally available, all the time.

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of effort is “the conscious exertion of power: hard work.”

I am not sure people think about the amount of effort required to complete a job or project. We think about, and plan for, the time, any tools required, and will it cost anything, but we do not schedule in the amount of effort.

It is about your mindset. What does it mean to you? What value does it have? What are you going to get out of it? Does it make you feel good?

What we do not usually think about is the importance of each day. What did you do yesterday, or last week, or last month? Can you look back and say, that it was a good day, week, or month?

When you feel good about something, and it makes you feel happy, content, or proud, think about why. How much effort did you put into it?

So many of us look back at our lives, and we are disappointed and wish we had done something better. We wish we had spent more time with someone, been more successful, had more money, a better education, etc.

We may blame other people, unexpected events, blah, blah, blah. It is so easy to blame someone or something else.

What we forget is that the one thing we have control over and is our responsibility is the amount of effort we put into what we do.

When you think of Phelps, Biles, Musk, and Jobs, you know they put in the effort. It is their years of work and an astounding effort that gave them success. It was a massive, sustained effort done day in and day out for years.

“What keeps so many people back is simply unwillingness to pay the price, to make the exertion, the effort to sacrifice their ease and comfort.”

Orison Marden

Is there a way to learn to put an increased amount of effort into what you do?

Good question. I do not have an answer. I believe that putting effort into what you do is an intentional act.

Each of us has to be mindful. Perhaps establishing the habit to start and end each day with quiet time to think about what we want to achieve that day. Then ask ourselves what effort you are willing to expend.

If we become more intentional about our actions, our dreams, and desires for our life, we should become more aware of the value of increased effort in everything we do.

There is a direct relationship between joy and effort. The joy of success is in ratio to the amount of effort expended to achieve it.”

Denis Waitley

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Quote Of The Day

“Our capacity to draw happiness from aesthetic objects or material goods in fact seems critically dependent on our first satisfying a more important range of emotional or psychological needs, among them the need for understanding, for love, expression and respect.” 

Alain De Botton

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Quote Of The Day

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”

~Anthony J. D’Angelo
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