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Progress Made

On each Monday I try to think about why I started this blog and look at what I have done so far.

Have I made progress ?  I think I have but like most people I want it all done now.  I have always been that way.  When I have taken any testing about how we approach completing tasks, like for a college course I was taking or for work training I always was told I was a perfectionist.  Do I agree with that ?  Maybe, but not so much.  Not when I look at the totality of my life.  I guess in some ways I would like to be a perfectionist but in others I would rather play in some way. And maybe I am just a little bit lazy and take the easier path.

Anyway, back to progress.  I am learning.  I am learning about how to set up a blog.  Do I know everything ? Far from it.  I want to have a great blog and some day maybe have a large number of followers.  I hope to open a conversation with others and learn from them. Will I get there ? We will see.

When I started this journey I knew nothing about blogs and thought they sounded like fun, so why not try it.  I also knew nothing about Facebook or Twitter and only a tiny bit about Instagram.  I posted before that I did not realize you have to download photos from a cell phone and, well, I do not have one of those.  Amazing, right ?

So now I am on Facebook and Twitter and I am enjoying it.  I have learned a little more about using the photos I have on my computer as a result of all this too.

I am stretching my mind and that is such a good thing.  Remember I am no young chick, so I need to keep learning.  Would it be easier to sit down and blindly look at the internet all day like so many of us do ?  Or worse yet just watch TV.  Sure it would be easier but not as much fun. Quite boring actually.

A part of my plan on “Adjusting My Time Frame” is to become more active.  I have been so bad about that the last few years and I have slowed down; I can feel it.  Not Good and I have said, No, No, No to that one.  So I am now back on the treadmill and I have stopped at the local fitness center and gotten some printed information and also looked at their website.  Unfortunately, when I stopped there was no one available to talk to. The receptionist took my tel # and someone was supposed to call me but no one has.

Like most things joining the gym requires spending money and that is why I have not done so before, or at least one of the reasons.  I do have a plan though about how to try it out and get some instructions.  I want to learn how to use free weights and I want to take some classes.  They have a Tai-Yoga class which I really want to try.  So I think I am going to join for 1 month and go from there.  See what progress I make and then decide what I want to do and see if I can afford to keep going.

So some progress.  Feels good !