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Learning a new language

Part of my plan for “Adjusting My Time Frame” is learning. I want to keep my brain active, functioning at a higher level then I have been. I really do believe I was becoming stagnant. Research tells us that we need to be active both physically and mentality. Both will help us to live longer and at a higher level. We should all strive for that.

I am starting to become more active and just doing this blog and joining social media is making my brain more active. It has been a learning process for me. I want to keep doing more and more.

One of the things I would like to do is learn a new language. I have been doing some research. What appear to be the most well known are Babbel and Rosetta Stone. I had heard that Babbel was free and it is not, there are different plans for 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 12 months. They are less expensive than Rosetta Stone. I read their information and then I looked for reviews. The reviews were terrible and so I will not try Babbel.

I also looked at Rosetta Stone which I have always heard was the best program out there and is used by many companies and the military. However it is quite expensive which is really a detriment for me. I looked at reviews on their site and I looked at reviews offsite on the internet. They were all over the place and there were a high number of negatives offsite. Because of the cost and some of the reviews I cannot use Rosetta Stone at this time.

One review I read under Babbel talked about learning a language using YouTube. That is very interesting and I had never thought of that possibility so I am going to check it out. I just went to YouTube and see there are a lot of videos. Has anyone ever used these ? I would love to hear about if you did. How did you like it and was it successful for you. Please let me know.

Then, of course, there is taking a college class somewhere. I will look into that but then again there is the matter of cost. I do have a limited income so it appears I will be doing a balancing act between what I am able to do.

On my list of things to do so far: getting a cell phone, joining a gym and learning a new language.

What about you ? What do you want to do ?