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Forward Progress

Moving Forward

Well, I am trying to expand myself and I find there is so much to learn.  So you know where I am coming from my husband and I are way behind in social media.  For starters we do not even have a cell phone.

I have never joined Facebook or Twitter. I am on Instagram but only to look at other sites; I have never posted anything.

So I now realize for anyone to be aware of what I am doing I have to do these things.  Not sure how long it will take me.  Right now if anyone were to see this they would probably be thinking I am really behind the times and they would be right. 

I will keep poking away at everything and eventually I will know how to do all these things and look back and laugh.  Actually, I am already laughing at my self.  You have to have a sense of humor, right ? Wish me luck !

I am now on Facebook ! Not exactly sure I have set everything up correctly but I started working on it yesterday with my profile and set up my page this morning. Hope it works !!!!