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Moving Forward is Difficult

What Am I Doing?

Well, I am slowly realizing that moving forward may not be so easy.  I am used to doing things pretty much the same each day…day in and day out. 

As an example I had 2 things planned to do this week.  1st, get on the treadmill and 2nd, stop at a nearby rehabilitation/fitness center and get an application and make an appointment to be evaluated.  Basically see what my fitness level really is.

On Tuesday I had a dentist appointment near the fitness center, I had to go to the post office which is also near the fitness center and from there to do the grocery shopping for the week.  Well, I was so used to my routine that I did everything else and it was not until I was almost home that I realized that I had not gone to the fitness center.  I also have not been on the treadmill.  Go figure; how bad is that ?

I now realize this may be harder than I originally thought.  I know most people slow down as they age but I also know we do not have to.  We have a choice each and every day when we get up in the morning.  So I am looking for ideas…..what do you do ?  Do you have a method you use that is successful ?

Right now I am going to make a couple reminders to myself and put them where I know I will see them; maybe that will help me get moving in the right direction.

I have also decided that each week I will post about why I am doing this post and what progress I may have made. Hopefully, that will keep me moving forward. Slowly it seems, one small step at a time.

I am also going to post about things that motivate me. Tomorrow, Friday, I will post something I found years ago when I was in high school. It is something I love and I have used many times. I always come back to it.

Hope you check it out.