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I love Yoga !

One of my goals for improving myself is indeed to Move Forward and in this case literally. I have a treadmill which sits in my laundry room and is sometimes used to hold, what else, laundry.

When I was working, I would faithfully get up early each morning and use the treadmill for 1 hour. I loved it and I felt great. Since I have been retired I have gone through spells of using it, sometimes for some significant time periods and sometimes just occasionally.

Lately, not so much. How about not at all.

I know I need to and it does make me feel better. If you like fitness, or just contemplate being more active, you probably understand what I mean. Some people consider the tread mill boring. Yeah, sometimes I would have to agree. When I lived in CA I went to a gym with TV screens in front of the treadmills so you could watch TV; that was great. The tread mill I have now has a CD player and that really helps me. My go to CD is Michael Jackson Number Ones. It has some good songs to get you moving; my favorite is, of course, Thriller. Love it. You can find it here:

So, good news, this morning I got back on my treadmill. I not only got on it, I used it for 1/2 hour. Now I have to keep getting on it.

My reasons for getting back on the treadmill are:

1 – strengthening my bones – I have osteopenia. I go for a Dexascan soon to find out how I am doing. I am a little concerned my bone density has not improved and may actually have gotten worse. I will let you know in another post.

2 – increase my blood flow and my cardiovascular health. My Father and my Aunt both died from Alzheimer’s. It is a nasty disease, terrible to watch someone you love deteriorate a little bit at a time until they finally die. It is proven that exercising and increasing your blood flow helps prevent, or slow down, this disease.

3 – build muscle and muscle tone. As we age, actually starting in our 30’s, we start to lose muscle. Loss of muscle is a part of aging and if you are not active you can lose muscle tone and strength quickly. It is so important in virtually everything we do.

4 – help me sleep better. Also as we age that is just one more thing that can happen. Our quality of sleep declines and that also affects so much. Our cognitive skills slow down, our balance is affected, it affects our moods; I know I become grumpy when I do not sleep well. Here is a link to how sleep deprivation can affect us:

So, I have made a small step on my fitness journey. There are a few more things I want to add to that but I will leave that for another post.

Check back and see how I do. Maybe you can follow along and start on, or improve, your fitness

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Moving Forward – Monday Update

Spring Bluebird

This blog is about moving forward in my life and today I feel like I am bogged down and struggling in quick sand.  Every step forward, there is a step back.  I do not have the understanding of the ins and outs of setting up my blog and one moment I will feel like it is working.  I complete a step and feel like “YES” I did it and then discover there is another step to make it actually work.  An example of that is making my blog connect to Facebook; I kept getting an error message which told me I did not have a page on Facebook which, of course, I thought I had, but did not. So today I went to Facebook and I think I now have a page although I am still not certain it is 100 % done.  We will see. Frustrating.

I have changed the “theme” of the blog twice and I am still not sure I like the way it looks so I may be changing it again.  I really think I just need a good nap !  I did look at some other themes today but I just do not know.  Part of the problem is I am not certain where I want this blog to go.  It is about me changing things up in my life, to not be stagnant, which I feel is easy to do when we become older.  I want flexibility in my blog theme to be able to show other snippets of my life which will not take away from the main focus of my blog but will enhance it.  Just as I want flexibility in my own life.

I do want flexibility in my life and I think the vast majority of people do.  So why do we become stagnant ?  Why do we slow down.  Maybe we are growing older and are retired, lost contact with friends, have a health issue or a spouse has a health issue.  Maybe we cannot afford to do some of the things we would really like to do.  We start to accept slowing down, we make up excuses for why we cannot do things.  We do not look for different things to do that we can afford, or for different ways of doing something that will not cost as much.  It is easy to make an excuse and stop doing something, or believing we cannot do them.  It is for some reason harder to believe we can make changes.  Why ?  Any thoughts that you might want to share ?

Just a couple days ago I went to a hair stylist and said, “let’s change it up”, I need to make a major change and I did.  I went from longer shoulder length, straight, hair to a short spiky style.  It was liberating and I love it.  

Now I need to do more to liberate myself, make improvements, move forward.  How about you ?!

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Carrie Underwood – Love Wins

Carrie Underwood

Inspiration – Friday, 2-22-19

Carrie Underwood….Love Wins

I heard this song the other day on the radio and it certainly could, and should, be considered inspirational.

How many times do you listen to the news or read something on the internet and just have to take pause because you just cannot believe someone actually said or did something.  Something that makes you question the soul of that person.  We are so much better than the atmosphere currently in this country & in the world.

What makes someone think they are better then someone else because they look different,  love differently or practice a different religion.  I have never understood that.  I never will.

I grew up in a very white community but did I ever think I was better because I was white ?  No, and I was never raised that way. There was no exposure to hate.

When I went to my granddaughters birthday when she was a little girl I was so happy to see all her friends.  She could not wait to introduce me.  They laughed and hugged each other and they were all different beautiful shades of humanity.  It was wonderful.  I asked her recently, now that she is a little older, about that day and if things had changed; if she or they thought differently and she said it had not.   That makes me happy and that gives me hope for the future.  We are all alike; we are all human and that is what matters.  Someday there will be a perfect blend of all those shades and we will be one truly and that is the way it should be.  I wish it could be that way in my future but I won’t live long enough to see it. I hope my granddaughter’s generation will be closer to that realization. I know it will take a long time.

I have included some of the lyrics from Love Wins below.

If you have not heard the song you really should take a listen.


Politics and prejudice

How the hell it’d ever come to this?

When everybody’s gotta pick a side

It don’t matter if you’re wrong or right, no

And so it goes, but I hold onto hope and I won’t let go ’cause

I, I believe you and me are sisters and brothers

And I, I believe we’re made to be here for each other

And we’ll never fall if we walk hand in hand

Put a world that seems broken together again

Yeah I, I believe in the end love wins


Love Wins by Carrie Underwood

Album: Cry Pretty

Released : 2018

From <>

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Maya Angelou, An Amazing Person

Maya Angelou

If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be. Maya Angelou

I have always considered myself to be what one would call a normal person, but am I. What exactly is normal in my eyes or someone else’s ? I am sure people have looked at me or heard a comment I have made and have said, ‘she’s weird or wacko’. Have you ever said that about someone ? I have. I try not to. I might say that person is weird and then follow it up with the comment , ‘I do not know that person or what they are truly like’.

Truth be told, I do not really want to be totally normal. I would like to be amazing. But what makes a person amazing ? I would say what they do, say and believe. Sometimes, of course, everyone will look at someone and think, “Wow, they are amazing” and it will be solely based on looks.

Intelligence, empathy, honesty all help make people amazing. Some people I think are amazing are Maya Angelou, Michelle & Barack Obama, the Dalai Lama. Also Frederick Douglass, Susan B Anthony and George Eastman; all from Rochester, NY. Then there are amazing people who are authors and musicians. Most importantly though are the everyday amazing people that no one knows about. We see them all the time; they are not famous but they are still amazing.

So do know someone you consider amazing ? Would you like to be like them ? Why do you think they are amazing. What would you be willing to do to improve yourself and develop some of those same traits ?

I do not consider myself amazing and I may not ever be but I believe the best part of trying is what you may learn in the attempt. You are almost guaranteed of improving yourself, expanding your knowledge and being an overall better person. I am up for that.

How about you ? Let me know what you believe.